Tips To Take Care Of Your Indian Ethnic Wear

Indian Ethnic Wear

The Indian weddings are on its way and before wedding, you spend a good amount of money on a lot of ethnic wear dresses and after all the wedding celebrations, you must be concerned about taking care of your Indian ethnic wear dresses. Usually, after every function, we end up putting our valuable ethnic wear back into our wardrobe. This ruins the quality, color & texture of the fabric. Therefore, it’s very important to take care of all your expensive ethnic wear you invested in. To maintain the quality of your Indian ethnic wear, here are some amazing tips.

  1. Always follow care label instructions properly – Usually every garment comes with care instruction label and in case of heavy work ethnic wear ‘Dry Clean Only’ instruction is mentioned, follow that correctly and always go for good and promising dry-cleaning services. Just in case garment does not have dry clean label, first check the fabric type and embellishment before handwashing it. Don’t use hot water or bleach for delicate clothes & never put ethnic wear in the washing machine.
  2. Remove stains before storing your ethnic wear in a wardrobe – Don’t ignore dealing with the stains, otherwise they can get permanent. Sprinkle talcum powder on the oily stains, and let it sit, so it absorbs the oil then rub the area gently, take off the powder and wash if needed. In case of food spots, let the stain dry completely, gently rub and remove the dried stain. 
  3. Store your outfits in a right way – Always store your ethnic wear in dry and dark cupboards. Store your outfits in a linen bag or soft muslin bag in case of silk. You can also keep naphthalene balls or neem leaves to avoid insects and mold from damaging your fabrics. Fabrics having intricate work like zari need extra care. The zari will start to oxidize if you don’t store it in a plastic bag, totally away from moisture.
  4. Refolding is the key – When your clothes are stored in the wardrobe for the long time, they tend to form permanent creases and ruins the fabric. So, you must take the dresses out, keep them in the sun for a while. Then, repack them after folding them. This small tip is savior and will ensure that your valuable Indian ethnic wear doesn’t tear from the folds.

Hope you find these tips useful, if you have any other tips in your mind, share with us on comment section and keep checking the AFPL blogs sections for

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